Policy Papers

Joint With: Jake Kendall, Rebecca Mann, Rohini Pande, Tavneet Suri, Jonathan Zinman
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Joint With: Nathanael Goldberg, edited by Beatriz Armendariz and Marc Labie
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Joint With: Nathanael Goldberg
Cross Sectional Impact Analysis: Bias from Dropouts (August 2009) Perspectives on Global Development and Technology, microfinance special issue
Joint With: Gwendolyn Alexander-Tedeschi
Is Microfinance Too Rigid? (December 2007) VoxEU
Joint With: Sendhil Mullainathan
Joint With: Bindu Ananth, Sendhil Mullainathan
Optimizing Loan Contracting and Marketing Stategies Using Field Experimentation (November 2006) prepared for the 2006 Microcredit Summit
Joint With: Jonathan Zinman
Evaluating Microfinance Program Innovation with Randomized Control Trials: An Example from Group versus Individual Lending (June 2006) Asian Development Bank Economics and Research Department Technical Note Series, 16
Joint With: Xavier Gine, Tomoko Harigaya, Binh Nguyen
Testing Savings Product Innovations Using an Experimental Methodology (November 2003) Asian Development Bank Technical Note Series,8
Joint With: Nava Ashraf, Wesley Yin
A Review of Commitment Savings Products in Developing Countries (July 2003) Asian Development Bank Economics and Research Development Working Paper 45
Joint With: Nava Ashraf, Nathalie Gons, Wesley Yin